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Gain valuable insights from our esteemed franchisees as they share their firsthand experiences as proud owners of a Portal Languages franchise. Discover how the remarkable impact of Portal Languages has transformed not only their own lives but also the lives of the families they serve. Hear directly from our franchisees about the profound influence and rewarding journey of being part of the Portal Languages family.

Maria Laura D'Angelo, Costa Mesa, California

In 2006, I relocated to the United States from Germany, and in 2008, I was invited to teach Spanish and German at various reputable language institutes in Orange County. Witnessing my success in the classroom, my husband and I made the decision to establish our own language school, "Portal Languages," in January 2009. Embracing the Natural Approach Language Acquisition method from the esteemed book by Stephen Krashen and Tracy Terrell, we achieved remarkable outcomes, ultimately expanding to our current location in Costa Mesa, where we now serve nearly 200 students across 14 different languages. This transformative journey, transitioning from teacher to business owner, serves as a compelling testament to the exceptional opportunity available for language educators to become owners of their very own language school.

Jila Nava, Fullerton California

Four years ago, upon arriving in the USA, I embarked on a quest to pursue a career as a French teacher. It was during this search that I discovered 'Portal Languages,' an esteemed language school situated in Costa Mesa. Eager to explore the possibilities, I immediately reached out to the owner expressing my interest in joining their team as a native French speaker. Little did I know that this initial encounter would lead me to a profound love for the school, its vibrant energy, dedicated students, and, above all, the impeccable manner in which they conducted their business. As my teaching assignments multiplied with each passing week I was offered the opportunity to establish my own school—an offer I wholeheartedly embraced. In 2012, I embarked on the journey of opening my very own school. Since that fateful day, I have never looked back, cherishing the decision I made. With each passing month, my school continues to flourish, solidifying my conviction that this was unequivocally the best choice I could have made.

Grace Hickok, Mission Viejo, California

As an aspiring entrepreneur, I sought financial freedom and discovered the remarkable potential of Network Marketing. However, I always felt like I was constantly chasing after prospects. That changed when I had the privilege of working with Reynaldo from Portal Languages in Costa Mesa. Reynaldo's serene demeanor and the franchise opportunity he introduced me to intrigued me greatly. After being a part-time Spanish teacher for three years, I knew I had to learn more about this opportunity. I yearned to experience the peace and freedom that Reynaldo exuded, and I realized that this was my chance to stop chasing people and instead have them come to me. The demand for language learning is undeniable, and our proven system at Portal Languages works wonders. Witnessing the satisfaction of our students, who passionately spread the word, has been incredibly gratifying. Consequently, my business has been thriving. Being able to witness children and adults embark on their language learning journeys is an absolute pleasure. I, myself, am currently learning Italian, and the experience has been nothing short of amazing. As a mother of two beautiful girls, a trusted friend, and an experienced Spanish teacher with over a decade of expertise, I take immense pride in being a real native speaker. My diverse range of students includes children, adults, and seniors, all of whom span from beginner to advanced levels. My approach is friendly, patient, and professional. I am dedicated to teaching you how to effectively utilize Spanish in everyday life situations, as well as in professional settings. Whether you are following a specific Spanish course or require a customized curriculum tailored to your immediate needs, I am here to guide you on your language learning journey.
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