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We’ve asked our franchisees to share with you some of their first hand experiences as Portal Languages franchise owners. You’ll hear how Portal Languages has positively affected their lives and the lives of the families they serve.

Testimonial Videos

Maria Laura D'Angelo, Costa Mesa, California

I arrived in USA in 2006 from Germany.  In 2008 I was invited to give Spanish and German classes at various language institutes in Orange County.  Being successful in the classroom, my husband and I decided to open our own school “Portal Languages” in January 2009.  We adopted The Natural Approach Language Acquisition in the Classroom from Stephen Krashen & Tracy Terrell’s book and was very successful.  So much so that today we have close to 200 students in our Costa Mesa location teaching 14 different languages.

Our Costa Mesa’s branch success opened the opportunity for expansion through the creation of our franchise business with two other successful franchise locations in Orange County owned and operated by two or our previous Costa Mesa teachers.

This whole experience, going from teacher to owner, is a convincing indication that this is a great opportunity for language teachers to become owners of their own school.

Jila Nava, Fullerton California

4 years ago, I came to the USA and I did not have a job, so I started to look at the possibility of being a French teacher.

I found a language school called ‘’Portal Languages’’ in Costa Mesa. I called right away and spoke with Reynaldo D’Angelo. I told him that I was a native French speaker and that I wanted to know if they were looking for a French teacher. I got the amazing opportunity to meet the owner, Reynaldo, and I fell in love with the school, the energy, the students but most of all the way they were running their business. I started to teach there, each week getting more classes.

Reynaldo told me that I could have the opportunity to open my own school if I wanted, I decided to take him up on this offer. I opened my own school in 2012.

From the very first day I have never regretted it, each month my school is growing, it is the best decision I have made.

Grace Hickok, Mission Viejo, California

I always wanted to have freedom. I learn about financial freedom through Network Marketing.  Love the Industry, but I always felt that I was chasing people around.

Working with Reynaldo from Portal Languages in Costa Mesa was fascinating. He was always peaceful and when I learned about the franchise opportunity, after being a part-time Spanish teacher for about 3 years, I immediately asked for more info.  I wanted to have what Reynaldo had peace and freedom.  I knew this was my opportunity to stop chasing people around and wait for people to come to me.  There is a demand for languages.  Our System works.  Students are happy with us, they are the ones that spread the word and my business is growing.

It is a pleasure to see kids and adults learning a new language, I am learning myself Italian and oh boy it is amazing!!!

I am a mother of 2 beautiful girls, a good friend and an experienced Spanish teacher (Real Native Speaker).  I have more than 10 years experience in teaching.  My students include children, adults and seniors at all levels from beginner to advanced.

I'm friendly, patient and professional.

I'll teach you how to use Spanish properly at everyday life situations as well as in a professional setting.  We can work on any Spanish course you are taking or tailor one specifically to meet your immediate needs.

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Portal Languages - Costa Mesa
Jila Nanah - Fullerton
Grace Hickok - Mission Viejo
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