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How to get started


Low Cost
High Cost
Initial Franchise Fee
Training Travel and Living Expenses
Lease Deposit
Tenant Improvement
Move-in Ready
Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment
Plans, Permits and Liceses
Grand Opening
Insurance, Miscellaneous Deposits and Prepaid Expenses
Additional Funds


$25,000 - $50,000

Step One


Fill out and submit your application. After our Franchise Development Department reviews your completed application, we’ll contact you to conduct an initial phone interview. There, we’ll cover the basics of our franchise in greater detail and answer any questions you have.

Step Two

Attend Discovery Day

At our 2-hour, Portal Languages Franchise discovery day you’ll have a chance to better understand our organization, and get answers to all your questions. You will also tour our flagship franchise in Costa Mesa California where you’ll get a chance to speak to some of our teachers and administrative staff.  Discovery days are held monthly, please ask your Franchise Recruiter about our next one.

Step Three

Formal Interview

After discovery day, we’ll schedule a more formal interview with one of our Portal Languages Managers with an official approval to purchase one of our franchises.

Step Four

Conduct a Financial and Background Check

To make sure you can meet the financial obligations required for the initial investment and startup costs of your Portal Languages Franchise, we’ll conduct a financial assessment. The completion of a fingerprint background check will also be required prior to attending the Portal Languages Training Program.

Step Five

Sign Your Franchise Agreement

Once you have completed the entire Portal Languages Training program and your selected center location has been approved, we will schedule the signing of your Franchise Agreement.

Step Six

Schedule and Attend Training

Once you’re approved, you’ll complete the 7 day Portal Languages on site hands on training at our Costa Mesa franchise. This training is structured to follow a real live franchise  Our training covers everything from business administration, franchise management, franchise daily operations, class curriculum, how to find and interview teachers, schedule students, invoice and collect payments, etc... You’ll also begin exploring possible retail locations and leases for your center space.

Step Seven

Schedule Your Grand Opening

Now that you’ve learned how you can become a Portal Languages Franchisee, you’re ready for your grand opening.

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