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The Acquisition Learning Distinction
    • Similar to child first language acquisition

    • "picking up” a language

    • Subconscious

    • Implicit knowledge

    • Formal teaching does not help

    • Formal knowledge of language

    • "knowing" about a language

    • Conscious

    • Explicit knowledge

    • Formal teaching helps

Language School Natural Approach to language learning

Teaching Method

"The Natural Approach"

Incorporates two aspects of learning

The Natural Approach theory states that language acquisition occurs in only one way: by understanding messages. We acquire language when we obtain comprehensible input. Our method goal is to supply comprehensible input, and to bring the student to the point where he or she can understand language outside the classroom.

  • This method is based on the scientific fact that memory is not involved in the learning language process.  Language is a function of a peculiar structure of the human brain.  Areas of the brain have been identified with linguistic skills, such as producing and understanding speech.

    • Parietal Lobe, Left - controls the ability to understand spoken and/or written language.

    • Temporal Lobe (right & left) - The lobe related to memory is the - controls the visual & verbal memory.

  • Our policy of no translation and no language other than the target language in the class room is in line with,  and it is supported by "The Natural Approach - Language Acquisition" in the Classroom by Tracy Terrell and Stephen D. Krashen book.  We strive with our faculty and our locations to reflect in the classroom the same principals.

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